Growing the Green Party of Canada

The Green Party will attract more people from all walks of life as we continue to grow. This will include people from across the political spectrum including Blue-Greens and Orange-Greens. We must attract first time voters and voters fed up with the three status quo parties.

Having a wide range of opinions, and a broad set of skills and experience is necessary. However, the party would be hurt if we took it to the extreme left or right.

We don’t need the “fixers” from the other parties or those who want us to become another party. We have talented people in our party that we need to encourage and support, while at the same time attracting and developing experts in election management, strategy and analysis.

We don’t need to be a more conventional party. Nor do we need the fixers and bagmen that other parties have. What we do need are experts in management, strategy and analysis, etc. who share our values as Greens.