Electoral Strategy

The Green Party's current electoral strategy has been to target areas which we have a good chance of winning seats and votes. This was a good strategy when the Green Party was small and growing, but with the right leader we can and will be a major contender to form government. We will not capitalize on the true potential of this party if we limit ourselves to a dozen or so ridings.

A new GPC electoral strategy begins with the restructuring of Central Party-EDA relations and rethinking how we see Electoral District Associations. EDA’s aren’t just satellite organizations which represent the party locally; they are the party. The Green Party was built on grassroots policy, therefore, we must empower and fully support our members on the ground. This begins with better supporting all of our local EDA's by providing them with the resources they need. These resources can include more evenly distributing financial assets amongst more candidates, better training for volunteers to run a local election campaign, and assisting them mentally and physically in preparation for federal elections.

Finally, to better highlight the skills and prowess of our candidates, we should announce our shadow cabinet prior to an election. By showing voters how amazing our candidates are, and showing them their future Green MPs will represent them faithfully and strongly in parliament, we will encourage the electorate to vote GREEN.

THIS is how we will win the next federal election.