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Let's grow the Green Party, together!

I’m a long time Green and like so many of you, I want to make this world a better place. My goal as the Leader of the Green Party of Canada is to work with Federal Council and be the strongest advocate for our many amazing candidates.

I’ve proudly been a Green candidate in four elections. I first ran provincially in 2014 for the Green Party of Ontario. My campaign received the fourth most votes of any Green candidate in the province that election.

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Deficit and the Debt

The millions we pay in interest alone should be used to help our people.

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Electoral Strategy

The Green Party has made fantastic strides in recent years including winning three ridings in the 2019 general election. However, we still need to better support and highlight our candidates and members to get more Greens elected. This is how we can make real and meaningful change.

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Growing the Green Party of Canada

What we do need are experts in management, strategy and analysis, etc. who share our values as Greens.

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Guaranteed Livable Income

Making sure all Canadians have the resources to stay healthy and stay warm should always be a priority.

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Indigenous Rights

The federal governments need to establish an even stronger relationship with Indigenous peoples which includes dialogue, cooperation and partnership, and respect.

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Israeli-Palestinian Relations

Canadians and the Green Party must remain vigilant in our support of all international laws and treaties. This is not limited to one region of the globe. Let’s be the moderating and go-to voice for human rights everywhere.

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Narcotics and Drug Strategy

Making sure we keep our children safe from dangerous substances, while also aiding and those stuck in addiction cycles, will be the core to how our Green Party address drug use.

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National Defence

Canada has fallen behind on the protection of our allies and human rights in such a volatile and multi-polar world. Let us return to the days where we were the leaders in the defence of the UN Charter by strengthening our military and preparing them to be on the front lines of peacekeeping.

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Proportional Representation

Every issue we face today could be handled justly and equitably by a more representative parliament; one that reflects all Canadians.

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A guaranteed livable income and a universal national pharmacare plan can help seniors struggling to make ends meet.

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Tar Sands

We need to ensure that any transition to renewable energy includes workers in the oil and gas industries.

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