Why I Want to be Leader

I want to be the Leader of the Green Party because I want to help as many people as possible. The best way I feel I can do that is to get the Green Party elected so we can pass truly meaningful legislation that helps our people and our planet.

I thought of the Green Party when I first got involved in politics (around 2004), but like a lot of people, I incorrectly thought the Greens were a one-issue party. So I then volunteered for the other three parties to various degrees. I didn’t stay long with any of them because I didn’t feel completely connected to any of them.

I have seen and become close to many Green members and candidates since joining the party. Canadians haven’t been exposed properly (or at all) to all of our amazing candidates. These candidates, and members, have passion, ideas and experience that will make Canadian’s lives better. They deserve a leader that will help these policies and ideas see the light of day.

As leader I want to make sure more Green voices are heard. I want to be the lead voice of so many other strong voices.