Thank you everyone!

Andrew would like to thank everyone who volunteered and voted for the Green Party in 2014. We successfully increased the profile of the Green Party and our voting share in Carleton-Mississippi Mills.

Here’s the percentage point difference for each party between this election and one in 2011:

Green – +3.86%
NDP – +2.26%
Liberal – -2.26%
PC – -2.88%

There are tens of thousands more Green Party votes in this riding. Voters need to know it’s safe to vote Green. If everyone who talked themselves out of voting Green because they thought their vote wouldn’t count did vote Green, their votes WOULD count and there would be a Green victory.

For us the campaigning has just begun! We need you’re help to build on the momentum we created the past few weeks. Please consider volunteering or hosting an event to support the Green Party. You can contact Andrew directly via e-mail at or through twitter at @greenandrewwest. Thank you again.