Click the button above or click HERE to make a contribution towards Andrew’s leadership campaign.

Each leadership candidate must raise $30,000.00 as part of their leadership campaign. This money will go directly to the party and will be needed to help run a successful campaign during the next federal election.

You can donate up to $1,625.00 to all leadership contestants and benefit from a generous tax credit of up to $650.00

You can receive a tax credit up to 75% of your first $400.00 of your donation, followed by 50% of any amount between $400.00 and $750.00, and then 33.3% of amounts over $750.00. The maximum amount of the tax credit is capped at $650.00.

Here’s a breakdown of what some contributions would actually cost you after the tax credit:

ContributionTax CreditYour Actual Cost

If you feel you can make a $100.00 contribution, for example, then please consider making a $400.00 contribution now. This way the party benefits from a larger contribution and you will get $300.00 back when you do your taxes.[1] So after the tax credit, a $400.00 contribution only costs $100.00 out of pocket. That’s a good deal.

Any donation amount helps. Thank you.

[1] … or if you have to pay taxes, that payment will be reduced by $300.00.