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Keep Natural Gas Prices Lower

The Ontario Energy Board recently issued a report saying natural gases prices in Ontario will increase if the $12-billion Energy East pipeline project goes ahead. “They estimated that on average, over a 20-year period, in the winter time, natural gas prices in eastern Ontario will be 11.9 per cent higher than if Energy East did

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To the residents of Kanata—Carleton…

This month there were some very interesting stories in Canadian politics. The one I’m focusing on here is the election of Peter Bevan-Baker to the Prince Edward Island legislature. Peter made a breakthrough in P.E.I. and became the first Green Party candidate to be elected in the province. This was the latest step in a

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Elizabeth May in Kanata! Monday, January 26th

Across Canada, Green Party of Canada candidates are being nominated for this year’s federal election. The Kanata-Carleton meeting will be held this Monday, January 26th. I will be running for the nomination. The featured guest speaker will be Elizabeth May, the inspirational leader of the Green Party of Canada. Come out, meet Elizabeth and our

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Thank you Mississippi Mills

I’d like to personally thank you, the residents of Mississippi Mills, for your support in the recent provincial election. Thanks to you, we more than doubled the Green Party vote from 2011. Elections Ontario recently released the results from all the polls across the riding. Our greatest support came from Clayton and Almonte. We also

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Thank you everyone!

Andrew would like to thank everyone who volunteered and voted for the Green Party in 2014. We successfully increased the profile of the Green Party and our voting share in Carleton-Mississippi Mills. Here’s the percentage point difference for each party between this election and one in 2011: Green – +3.86% NDP – +2.26% Liberal –

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Let’s vote!

Voting day is Thursday, June 12th. Every vote makes a difference, especially for the ever-growing Green Party. Here’s a handy tool to ensure an easier voting experience: