To the residents of Kanata—Carleton…

This month there were some very interesting stories in Canadian politics. The one I’m focusing on here is the election of Peter Bevan-Baker to the Prince Edward Island legislature. Peter made a breakthrough in P.E.I. and became the first Green Party candidate to be elected in the province. This was the latest step in a great trend of Green Party candidates being elected across the country.

Peter’s story is one I can relate to. What I appreciate the most about his victory is how determined he was. Peter ran in five P.E.I. elections, all in the same area (the ridings of Malpeque federally and Kellys Cross-Cumberland provincially). He ran positive campaigns, stayed true to his principles, and proved he was dedicated to the people of his riding. By doing so he earned the trust of the people he wanted to represent.

This is the same plan I have for Kanata-Carleton. I told the Green Party before my first election last year that I’m dedicated to the riding. I realize that winning over an entire riding as large as Kanata-Carleton may take time, but I will put in the effort needed for a Green victory here. And it’s already happening. In last year’s provincial election I received the largest voter percentage increase of any candidate running in the riding.

My message to the people of Kanata-Carleton is this; I’m determined to fight the good fight and to show you I’m ready for the job! I’m working hard to show you how strong the Green Party platform is. There are so many amazing people in this riding, and I will be honoured to represent you.

I’m ready when you are!